Wasco Union High School

WELCOME TIGERS!!!**First day of School is on Wednesday, August 16th!** All students - 1st period classes will be posted outside the Library on the south side and north side of the cafeteria on the 1st day of school!** Students will receive their schedules during 1st period or may view their schedule through Student Portal!**Back to School Night is August 28th!**
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Advanced Placement 0 Classes
Agriculture / FFA 0 Classes
Ed Tech 0 Classes
English 0 Classes
English Language Development (ELD) 0 Classes
Fine Arts 0 Classes
Foreign Language 0 Classes
Library Media Center 0 Classes
Mathematics 0 Classes
Opportunity 0 Classes
Physical Education 0 Classes
Science 0 Classes
Social Science 0 Classes
Spanish 0 Classes
Student Support Services / Special Education 0 Classes
Vocational Classes 0 Classes