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Migrant Program

The Migrant Education Program is a supplemental program that assists students to meet California and local standards for student achievement through educational instruction.  We also refer migrant families to receive health services, as health is crucial to one’s opportunity to achieve academic success.  As a result of frequent moves during the school year, most migrant students demonstrate educational needs in reading, math, and health services.  It is the purpose and goal of the Wasco Union High School District Migrant Program to identify migrant students in order to make available and provide educational instruction to promote optimal physical, intellectual, and social development. 

Migrant Program Staff:

Violeta Okolonwamu:  Migrant Resource Teacher

Gloria Medina:  Support Service Aide

Office Phone 661-758-7400 (extension 50108)

Cellphone 661-375-9213


The following are programs, services, and/or collaborations in which the WUHSD Migrant Program is involved:

  • Academic, career, and personal counseling
  • Edgenuity.  Migrant high school students can receive credits toward graduation requirements.
  • Migrant Tutoring:  for migrant students who need additional help in core subjects.
  • Mini Corp:  College students from CSUB tutor our migrant students at Wasco High school in areas of English, Science, and/or Math.
  • Close-Up
  • Parenting Classes: “INSPIRE” for our migrant parents.