Wasco Union High School

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Principal's Message

As a former student, teacher, and assistant principal at Wasco Union High School, I consider it an honor to serve our students as the Principal.  I am fortunate to be part of a team that approaches its work with optimism and a tremendous sense of possibility. Wasco Union High School’s success is directly connected to a talented staff, dedicated students, and a supportive and generous community.
Our District Vision Statement is, “Believing in Educational Excellence For All.”  We are committed to providing a rigorous curriculum, skilled instruction, engaging technology, and a learning environment that responds to individual student needs. Our work is guided by research and the belief that every student is capable of attaining high levels of achievement in preparation for meeting the rigorous demands of twenty-first century learning.
At Wasco Union High School, we believe in the unlimited potential of our students by respecting and developing their unique learning styles and interests. We set challenging and demanding expectations for performance and support all students to achieve high standards.  We believe in using data to guide decisions and to improve student learning and promote social, emotional, and physical growth.  We believe in the value of collaboration and communication.  As we embark on the 2019-2020 school year, we are excited at the possibilities for our students.    
  Kevin L. Tallon
  Principal, Wasco Union High School