11. & 12. Electives


Academic Decathlon

Study, research, and learn the United States Academic Decathlon Association materials in preparation for competition. 



Recording and preservation of WUHS historical documents.


Beginning Art

Introduction to 2-D art making techniques, art appreciation, art history, and the use of art principles and elements of design.


Beginning Culinary Arts

Learn basic safety/sanitation, cooking methods, professionalism, basic job requirements, and prayer pathways in the culinary art industry.


Beginning Drama

Basic acting techniques, theater design, stage design, and custom design. Analyze drama as an art form.


Beginning Instruments

Learned basic instrument playing techniques, music terminology, and music theory.



Beginning vocal ensemble. Instruction includes music theory music history vocal techniques and ensemble performance.


Color Guard Flags

Interpret music that marching band is playing via synchronize flags, sabers, rifles, air blades, and to dance.


Art: Drawing/Watercolor

Introduction to various watercolor layering, color blending, and using the techniques demonstrated in class.



Study the past and present of illustration. Create a wide variety of illustrations through the use of many mediums, stools, and techniques.


Band/Concert Band

Learn drill formations to music to be performed at halftime of football games. Learn traditional concert literature.


Beginning Multi-Media

Introductory course in digital media arts including video, photography, and graphic design.


Music Appreciation

Introduction to a wide range of musical presentation of many styles and cultures. No musical instruments played in this course.


PE 3 Aerobics

Use a variety of aerobic activities (aerobic dance, step aerobics, jump rope, walking, jogging, light weights and resistance exercise) to increase cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and overall fitness.


PE 3 Fitness

Engaging content competitive style games with focus on open seven defensive strategies. The knowledge of health benefits to physical activity.


Steel Drum Orchestra

Focus on proper playing techniques of the drums and accessories; ability to play highly syncopated polyrhythm.



Ag Animal Science

Hands-on life science class that deals with many aspects of livestock and animal industry.


Ag Floral Design

Hands-on activities using flowers in an artistic way. Make flower arrangements, compete in competitions, and learn skills that can be applied in a flower shop.


Ag Horticulture

Hands-on learning about plants and the greenhouse and outdoor settings. Learn about growing, pruning, identifying, and propagating (making more) plants.


Ag Plant & Soil Science

Hands-on learning about biology concepts through experiential laboratory lessons utilizing greenhouse and school garden learning.


Ag Safety/Ag Mechanics

Introductory course in wood, concrete, plumbing, and metal, and welding.

Ag Veterinary Science

Explore anatomy and physiology of small and large animals.


Ag Welding

Learn basic skills and understanding of the welding industry.


Small Gas Engines

Learn basic engine fundamentals while disassembling/assembling a school-owned engine. Learn the theory, operation, and proper maintenance procedures of small gas engines by performing maintenance on various outdoor power equipment products of their choice.


Farm Power Operations

Learn skills to properly operate, troubleshoot, and repair power equipment. Focus on small gas engines and diesel engines.