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Bakersfield College Dual and Concurrent Enrollment

Dual and Concurrent Enrollment includes all opportunities for students to earn college credit through Bakersfield College (BC) while they are in high school. 


Dual enrollment is when you take a course offered at your high school site that is mostly filled with high school students. Concurrent enrollment is when you enroll in a BC course that is offered at one of BC’s campuses (or online) that is mostly filled with non-high school students. Below you will see more of a break down:

Dual Enrollment

High School districts offer college courses to their students during and after the high school day through Dual Enrollment.

Here are some facts about Dual Enrollment at BC.

  • Students in the class are high school students.
  • Courses are primarily taught by high school instructors.
  • Students are approved and enrolled through their high school district.
  • All fees are waived and required materials are provided.

Concurrent Enrollment

High school students can take courses at a Bakersfield College campus, or online, through Concurrent Enrollment.

Here are some facts about Concurrent Enrollment at BC

  • Most of the students in the class will be traditional BC college students.
  • All courses are taught by college instructors.
  • Students are approved by their high school administrator or counselor.
  • Students must be cleared by Admissions and Records to register themselves in their courses.
  • Tuition cost is waived, but minimal fees apply and must be paid by the student.
  • Textbooks are not provided. However, Wasco high will purchase books for the student to check out from the Wasco High Library. Instructions

Follow these Instructions to create an account and select your courses for Dual Enrollment and/or Concurrent Enrollment. PLEASE NOTE: Requests for courses take approximately 1 week to clear. Students will receive an email notification from DualEnroll when they have been approved and cleared to register. If the course request is denied, please check your DualEnroll account and email used to create your account for the reason.

Step 1: Students will create accounts and select courses for Dual Enrollment and/or Concurrent Enrollment.

Step 2: Parents will receive an email and/or text message to provide consent for their student to take Dual Enrollment and/or Concurrent Enrollment courses.

Step 3: The college will review each student account and send notifications to the student or their district if corrections are needed.

Step 4: The high school or district will review student accounts, provide documentation as needed, and approve the student for Dual Enrollment and/or Concurrent Enrollment.

Step 5: Students approved for Dual Enrollment courses will be registered and then notified. Students approved for Concurrent Enrollment courses will be cleared and then notified that they can register for courses.



For more information about Dual and Concurrent Enrollment please see Mrs. Jeanette Mercado.


Mrs. Jeanette Mercado

CTE Coordinator

[email protected] 

(661) 758-7400 ext 53903