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A Special Invitation from Counselor Michelle Hinojosa:

Hello Wasco High Parents,
I am looking for key parents who will become involved and active in facilitating the development and support of a Parent Club at Wasco High School.

These core parents will become a CORE PARENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE that will work to establish a Parent Club, write its goals and procedures and then promote participation as we hold various Parent Club activities.  Your commitment will include: 

  1. Attendance at the initial founding meeting. (The date is negotiable depending upon the availability of prospective members)
  2. Promotion of our Parent Club events
  3. Attendance and participation at Parent Club events (4 – 6 events)
  4. Attendance at Advisory Committee reviews.
Participation will end at the conclusion of this academic year unless you wish to continue next year.
It is truly inspiring to me as you are someone who has taken a deeper interest in your student’s progress through Wasco High and has a heart to develop enhanced relationships between parents and the school.  The Parent Club meetings and the Parent Advisory Committee meetings will be held in via Zoom link this year.


My goal is to develop and activate a Parent Club this year.


If I can count on your participation in this exciting development process or for more information, please complete this PARENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE APPLICATION or respond by calling Michelle Hinojosa at the high school, 758-7400.


With anticipation,

Michelle Hinojosa