3. Sharing Responsibility

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Sharing Responsibility

To have successful students


Parents must team up with Wasco High staff to ensure that each student receives the encouragement, discipline and support that they will need to be successful.  The follow chart suggests how that responsibility is shared.


Attendance    Parents WHS
Responsible to get student up and off to school on time ü  
Responsible to ensure students arrive at school each day ü  
Requires students to go to each class on time ü ü


Instruction, Environment Parents WHS
Responsible for instruction in classroom and tutoring          ü
Responsible to review grades on progress/report cards ü ü
Responsible for home study area and monitor homework ü  
Responsible for adequate sleep and nourishment ü  


Behavior                                                                      Parents WHS
Responsible to monitor attendance (tardies, cuts, absences) ü ü
Responsible to monitor behavior / attitude issues ü ü
Responsible for attending Saturday School ü  


Support for Parents


  • Call the school and ask for an appointment with a counselor. 758-7400
  • Email your student’s teachers 
  • Sign up for ABI at WHS and you will be able to access your student’s attendance, grades, and homework assignments from your computer on the internet.
  • Attend the Parent Club. This is a parent group that meets several times per semester to discuss issues and events at WHS.
  • Review all grade reports when mailed home.