5. 10 Freshman Mistakes!

Please read through this information WITH your freshman and then head to the next page...

10 Freshman Mistakes


  1. Believing your freshman year doesn’t really count and you can improve your grades later.

If you slack off in your first year, it can be really hard to catch up later. Your freshman year grades count toward your overall grade point average as much as your grades in Sophomore, Junior and Senior years.


  1. Sacrificing your grades for your social life.

You should definitely try to have a rich social life at WHS, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get good grades too. Good grades are your ticket to getting into great colleges, universities and more career choice and opportunities.


  1. Skipping classes and missing homework

Teachers share important information during class, and participating in class helps you to better understand the subject. Don’t miss homework either: homework assignments are designed to help you learn the subject matter and pass each class.  IF you are absent, find out what you missed and complete the work.


  1. Failing to make up missed assignments.

Just because your homework is late doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. It might cost you a few points, but that’s better than no points. There is a huge benefit in doing assignments, even if you’re turning them in late:  you are more likely to retain the material.


  1. Assuming you’re not doing well because the teacher “just doesn't like you”

Your future is your responsibility and you shouldn’t let personal feelings interfere in your path to get the degree or career you want.


  1. Not signing up for extracurricular activities.

Many student say they don’t have time for extracurriculars, but keep in mind that these activities can help both your social life, your connection to WHS and your college applications.  Plus they are fun.  High school was never meant to experienced alone, join in.


  1. Deciding that high school is all about dances, partying and sports — not classes.

Big mistake. Even though social activities are an important part of high school life, they shouldn't be your main focus during the school.  Become a good student.


  1. Not asking for help.

If you’re having problems in school, there are many people out there who can help you: parents, teachers, friends and counselors. Teachers and counselors got into those professions because of their desire to help students succeed. So ask.


  1. Not asking questions in class

They say the only stupid question is one that isn’t asked. You’re not going to have all the answers, and you’re not going to get them unless you are willing to ask questions.


  1. Taking classes just because your friends are taking them.

It can be fun to be in all the same classes as your friends, but it can also be a distraction.  In the end you still have to learn the material and take tests.  If you are in a class in which are not interested, that makes it more difficult.