4. 10 Freshman Tips!

Please read through this WITH your freshman and then go on to the next page...

10 Tips for Freshmen

in High School


1) Remember, you aren’t alone. There are hundreds of teens experiencing what you are experiencing this very moment. Your feelings are common for freshmen.


2)  Don’t be afraid to make new friends. There are many people who share the same interests as you and are seeking those who share that interest.


3)  Join an interesting club or sport. High school is the time to try new things, and luckily Wasco High has so much to offer. Joining a club or sport is a great way to meet people!


4)  Your teachers are there to help you. They want to make sure you clearly understand the material and do well in their class.


5)  Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are  not comprehending the material, ask your teacher.


6)  Upperclassmen really aren’t so bad. They may look super intimidating, but they were in your same position a few years ago. They understand how you feel.


7)   Popularity means nothing, especially here at Wasco High. Don’t worry about trying to impress people, you shouldn’t have to. Just be you.


8)  Doing homework really benefits you. You need to be devoting a good amount of time on your homework. If you do it, you will get way better grades.


 9)  The littlest things can get you into trouble. Make sure you know school and classroom rules.  Follow them even if you don’t agree.


10)  Have fun. I cannot stress this enough! Your Wasco High years are supposed to be a great time in your life. Live it and love it to the fullest everyday.